December 12, 2013

2014: Naked New Year!

The Naked3 Palette is in Sephora today! It’s been available (though not really since it was always sold out) on the Urban Decay site for a bit, and then VIBs were able to order it from Sephora a little ahead of time… which I totally did! Which is why I already have the Naked3 palette and didn’t have to walk allllll the way to the end of my street to buy one at the Sephora store that magically landed there back in November.

P.S. I went to the Grand Opening of that store. I was going to write about it, but basically the post would have been “HOLY CRAP IT’S LOUD AND CROWDED IN HERE! BUT NOW THERE’S A SEPHORA SUPER CLOSE TO MY APARTMENT!” So there it is. Done.

I have been a big Nakedfan since the first palette came out, then when the Naked2palette came out I liked it even better, so I have very high hopes for Naked3. Really though, they are all great palettes which is why in 2014 I’m launching NAKED NEW YEAR with the help of Sheri Stafford, a professional make-up artist and aesthetician who is going to TEACH US STUFF. 

I told you good things were coming to this site! Earlier today! When I wrote that other post! After hardly posting at all for this entire year! The baby is still sleeping!!!


I know it seems like I fell off the face of the internet, and kind of, I did. I don’t partake of the internetz while the baby is awake, and when he’s asleep, I am either showering, inhaling a meal, or working double-time to get stuff done around the house.

He’s in a completely adorable phase now where he screams a lot and is into EVERYTHING, especially things he shouldn’t be into. Yesterday he figured out how to slide open the credenza and remove a champagne flute. He’s almost 9 months old, so I guess I should have figured out a lock for that by now. I just thought I had a little more time. I didn’t expect him to be cruising yet either, but there you go. Boy’s on the move! Not that he’s good at it, hence the screaming. It goes along with the falling.  He really is very cute though.

Clearly, I have other priorities, and time sure does fly. But some day, I will have my shit together again, and if ever there was a time for resolutions, it’s the new year. So, along with losing the last 10lbs of baby weight, I WILL be getting this blog up and running again. And it’s going to be better than ever.

I have to do it because I said it on the internet, and everything on the internet is true.