March 11, 2013

This Just In: NOTHING.

Back in January, when I broke the pregnancy news, I never actually mentioned how far along I was. At this point, two months later, I can tell you the answer is VERY VERY. As in three days past my due date. While I was hoping that during the last couple months, I would catch up on all the stuff I had to do and be able to do some blogging, somehow that didn't happen.

I've been dealing with both the expected baby preparations and the unexpected b.s., most recently my cc# being stolen and my upstairs neighbor's bathroom leaking into mine. (Resulting in two big holes cut into my drywall to see where the leak was coming from.) So despite all my hard work and careful preparation, I somehow still have construction going on in my apartment during the time that I just want everything to be clean and calm and ready. It definitely could have been worse, but at this point I'm not sure if the baby will come first, or the superintendent.

Hopefully, I will be back to writing regularly before long, but at this point, it's definitely going to be a little longer! Miss you!